Tailoring Prices

All Prices are subject to change without notice. Please use this price list as a basic guideline. Last updated 9.10.2011.

Pants hemmed plain$14.00
Pants cuffed or with lining$16.00
Skirts hemmed with lining$18.00
Skirts hemmed with pleats$22.00
Full skirt hemmed$22.00
Jacket sleeves shortened$25.00
Jacket sleeves shortened with buttons$30.00
Waist adjustment for pants$15.00
Zipper Replacement for pants$14.00
Zipper Replacement for sports jackets and vests$34.00
Zipper Replacement for heavy sports jackets$36.00
Invisible zipper replacement for pants$18.00
Jeans patching$8.00
Small repairs$4.00